Atrocity Prevention

Not being an anarchist means being denied the tragicomic jolt upon seeing the headline: President Obama Directs New Atrocity Prevention Measures.

For me, the comedy comes first and my mind begins to generate possible (or, sadly, impossible) additions to the headline: “President Obama Directs New Atrocity Prevention Measures: Arrests George Bush, Self” or “Disbands Army” or “Surrenders to Al Qaeda.”

Let’s take a peek at the actual text. First sentence:

In the decades since the world first pledged “never again,” the U.S. response to mass atrocities and genocide has confronted several challenges.

“First, it’s hard to deny that mushroom clouds, napalm burns and drone strikes are your doing, when you’re the only country that has those weapons.”
It’s too easy. Okay, one more one more:

We know that often holding those who have carried out mass atrocities accountable is at times our best tool to prevent future atrocities.

“We know this because the one group of people that have never been held accountable keep committing most of the world’s atrocities.”

Alright, it’s not that funny, hence the tragi bit of tragicomic.

What’s actually happening, of course, is a preemptive casus belli is being generated for enemies that we, or at least I, can’t even guess at yet.

The text mentions Libya, which the US has been bombing the hell out of for months now, as a fine example of atrocity prevention. It’s insane, but to be expected from a people who beat children “for their own good,” lock people in cages who haven’t hurt anyone “to protect them from themselves” and generally run to the uniformed distributors of “legitimate” violence to solve any and all disputes with their fellow human beings.

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