An Eye on Egypt

As history demonstrates, amply, revolution is a tricky thing. For better or . . . different, it looks like Egypt has a chance of throwing out the western puppet government they’ve had for 30+ years. It should be something to watch as they plan tomorrow, “to begin with peaceful protests, carrying roses but no banners, and march on official buildings while persuading policemen and soldiers to join their ranks“. The government, in response, looks to be shutting the country off from the internet, but a number of VPNs are being set up to circumvent the blockade Wired has an interesting piece on how to follow the protests online.

The most interesting stuff I’ve seen has been on twitter with the hashtag #jan25. There’s not much to be done, I don’t imagine. It’s all in the hands of the Egyptian people and the guys with the guns. I don’t foresee much useful coverage in the US media. Hopefully some good comes of these pan-arabic anti-state uprisings. My thoughts are with the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon and the rest of the people of the world seeking dignity, respect, and control of their own destinies.

Egypt #jan25

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