The Bikecast Episode #49: Flaming Freedom

While replacing my bike and repairing my mobile studio, I had more time to listen to podcasts. One that I’m really excited about is Prometheus Unchained a.k.a. Flaming Freedom. It’s an examination of GLBT issues from the liberty perspective. As I’ve noted several times, I think a major hurdle for alot of people–or a ready-to-hand-dismissal anyway–is the reactionary nature of a vocal minority of people who claim to be advocates of freedom or liberty. It’s great to hear this perspective and I imagine it will spark alot of conversation which, hopefully, will allow some of the remaining regressive cultural baggage of the movement to be examined. If you only have time for one podcast, give the Bikecast a pass today and go check out their show (but do come back ;-). If you have time for two . . .

Download this episode of the bikecast

The hosts of the program are Neal Connor and Dale Everett. I’ve followed Dale’s blog anarchyinyourhead for years. Anarkitty cracks me the hell up.

Anarkitty lapsteading
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As I mention in the podcast, Dale and Neal are part of the Free State Project which is currently composed of around a thousand people who have moved to New Hampshire in an attempt to create communities practicing voluntarism, anarchism, minarchism and all other manner of peaceful social interaction.

Besides being available in podcast form, Flaming Freedom is on (internet radio) from Noon to 2pm EST on Sunday and 5pm – 7pm on Wednesday.

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