The Bikecast Episode #34: Wikileaks revisited; Who Has Blood on Their Hands?

One of my first podcasts was to do with Wikileaks which had, at the time, just released gun camera footage capturing the murder by an apache helicopter of a handful of people standing on a street corner.

More recently, Wikileaks hosted 92,000 confidential communications indicating that, indeed, the ongoing brutalization of Afghanistan is the nightmare that sane people have been saying it is for almost 10 years. In both cases, the reactions of the various state organs are telling.

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Wikileaks and its creator, Julian Assange[1], have been called “infoterrorists.” There have been calls to shut down the physical wikileaks site[2]. Most ludicrous is the claim, made by some dipshit admiral at first, but thereafter picking up meme-steam, that Julian and Wikileaks have “blood on their hands.” If anyone at all in this world has any amount of blood on their hands, then the government of the united states is at the bottom of a mariana trench of blood.

Nobody on this planet is threatening more lives than the government of the united states and nothing is guilty of more destruction, murder, imprisonment, torture, and human misery than the last half-century of US foreign policy[3].

If one’s concern is for human safety and harm minimization, even considering condemnation of wikileaks should be nearly the last item on one’s todo list. Clear -eyed journalists are engaged in detailing the heinous crimes committed against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, among other places. Meanwhile the mass media, and their toadie bloggers, are opining, or conveying the message that the organization that is bringing these crimes to light is, in fact, the problem component of the story.

In general, this hyper-hypocritical name calling is likely to increase as the situation(s) abroad and at home deteriorate. At the head of the name callers will always be the most-guilty-by-orders-of-magnitude party–the government of the united states. It will be pointing at the nearest innocent bystanders, making accusations, dispensing punishment, and begging the public to allow them greater power to punish increasing numbers of people.

If the past is any indication, the public[4] will oblige. It is, though, another instance in which moral clarity lies very close to the surface and is most easily accessible. It is important to be able to identify these blatant hypocrisies and to call them by their right name. Hopefully, someday, a critical mass of the population will be persuaded and the madness can end.

Update: A concrete example of the hypocrisy I talk about in the podcast: Mike Mullen accuses wikileaks of having “blood on its hands.” He presided, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (not as hip a group as the name implies) over the bombing of a wedding party, the bombing of a funeral, the murder of the entire family of an Afghan artillery officer, the killing of the the family of a spokesperson for the Minister of Agriculture, and who knows how many others whose social rank didn’t rise to the level mandated by the American media establishment. So a special “Fuck Off” to Mike Mullen, war criminal and hypocrite.

  1. [1] Sorry for any mispronunciation, Julian!
  2. [2] In the bikecast, I noted the danger to Iceland of a possible US invasion. It turns out Wikileaks is hosted in Sweden, so Iceland, you’re off the hook.
  3. [3] A good argument can be made that the US state has been at the pinnacle of human suffering for even longer, a claim that central americans, native north-americans, enslaved africans and residents of the south pacific would probably support
  4. [4] or, at least a sufficient proportion to provide the shrift of “mandate.”
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