Death and Taxes

Happy tax day to you. As is frighteningly often the case, IOZ nails my sentiment exactly.

Governments by their nature aren’t non-violent, obviously, and taxes being one of Franklin’s two lifetime certainties, and the coming homosexual anarchomutualist utopia being somewhere other than in the offing, my prescription come tax time is defeat and crass accomodationism. Take as many cheap deductions as you can and try desperately to fly under the radar so that you can get on to more important things, like fucking, good novels, smoking weed.

It’s not that I am threatened with prison if I don’t turn in my scraps of paper verifying that I’ve had the appropriate amount of my labor confiscated by the ruling class. That’s annoying, but I can imagine a world in which I wouldn’t much mind to contribute. That world would have some tens of millions of extra people living in it, a few million less prisoners, and no security or intelligence apparatus.

It bothers me that every cent stolen from me is used to murder people and stuff the pockets of the corrupt financier class. Any other expenses must be covered by the promise to steal from the unborn once they start working. That and cranking out untold amounts of new currency, devaluing that which exists and driving the already poor deeper into poverty.

Here’s hoping you have a fine time whilst lying low and awaiting the coming homosexual anarchomutualist utopia.

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