Mixed Messages

Before I present the story, I need to make a statement for the record: I hold Islam in no lower (or higher) esteem than any other lunacy invented whole-cloth by crazy people and passed down through the generations by abusive indoctrination of children.  Also, this is apparently an old story (Feb 2009), that I’m just now hearing about due to some even nuttier recent updates (h/t Rob Taylor, btw I disagree w/ his assessment of Lancet).

There’s a television network called Bridges TV, whose purpose is “to foster a greater understanding among many cultures and diverse populations.”  Specifically, the founder and CEO, Muzzammil Syed Hassan, also known as Mo Steve Hassan, hoped togives American Muslims a voice and will depict them in everyday, real life situations” to counter the stereotypical Hollywood depiction of Muslims as unhinged psychopaths.

Then he cut his wife’s head off.  Again, I’m certain that on the same day, men off all religions the world over murdered their wives in a number of ways, and this is a horrible, despicable thing.  Still, talk about giving a mixed message.

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