Police Invade to Make Arrest Over the Grass Length

Apropos of yet another jkpodcast, Plastic Bags and the Foundational Principle of Government. I stumbled across the Youtube clip embedded below. To sum up, the podcast is how people think anarchists are joking when they contend that the law is ultimately backed up by the ability of the state to kill you.

The fact that something so obviously true and vitally important has never occurred to most people is telling; even the simplest statue, such as banning the retail use of plastic bags, or mandating an appropriate height for grass, is premised on the claimed legitimacy of people calling themselves “government” to rob, cage or kill the people around them.

Police barge into home to make arrest over the length of grass caught on video – YouTube.

Historically, the nature of the relationship between “the people” and “the government” has been occluded behind polite notes, “reasonable” fines, proposed payment plans, and lots of additional non-threatening warnings and helpful opportunities to submit and obey served up by a polite and courteous constabulary[1]. This, and state “education”, explains why most middle-class people haven’t conceived of the notion that the institution of government is predicated on violence.

Inevitably, as the cancer of government reaches its terminal stage, the “gloves come off” and we all see the violence inherent in the system. I doubt very many warrant were being served by squads of officers in the 1970s. Now we see this kind of thuggery every day.

Here’s the jkpodcast linked to above:

  1. [1] Characterization of state power may not apply for the poor, minorities, immigrants, etc.
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