Badass Doctor Single-Handedly Doubles Access to Abortion in Mississippi

This is a small part of a much bigger thought, but I can’t think of a better place to start. Mississippi is down to its last abortion clinic. Tennessee has lost half its providers in the last decade; for some residents, the nearest clinic is upwards of 240 miles away. As we zip through the end of another election cycle, we’ll no doubt hear–well those of us who are in the half-dozen or so swing states will no doubt hear–about how great the incumbent ruler has been on reproductive issues.

For women in rural areas, however, the last 4 years have seen the barriers to abortion raise with alarming quickness. Nevertheless, progressives are marching on with the mantra of “four more years.” The only action that can prevent the outright banning of abortion is the one that is currently leading to the de facto banning of abortion. “Bullshit,” says this guy [1]

We know world-wide that when abortion is legal and accessible, women remain healthy, and when it is not they die, often in populations with profiles similar to what I describe for Mississippi. Cognizant of this, I recently obtained a medical license and began travel to this great state.

— Dr. Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSc

Holy shit.

You really should go read the rest of the article which is pretty much the good doctor holding forth like a medical Braveheart:

. . .to the question of why I go to Mississippi, the answer is, I want for women there what I want for myself: a life of dignity, health, self-determination, and the opportunity to excel and contribute. We know that when women have access to abortion, contraception, and medically accurate sex education, they thrive. It should be no different for the women of Mississippi.

I only wish this guy was an anarchist, or that I was a medical doctor (*and* that I didn’t have to cover my eyes anytime there’s a surgery scene on teevee). This is the real answer to the question of how abortion remains available and accessible to women. Imagine if, as our rulers cynically dangle Roe v. Wade over the ballot box compelling women to participate in the illusion of protecting their right to bodily autonomy, a legion of grey market agorist clinicians appeared across the country providing a desperately needed service regardless of changes to the law.

Then we could also build roads.

In any case Dr. Parker is doing his part. I really can’t stop marvelling at his bad-assedness. I hope he has a “donate” button somewhere.

  1. [1] At least that’s what I pretend he might say
    • Starwind
    • January 16th, 2013

    I am no doctor but I respect his resolve, being pro-choice I wholeheartedly disagree with the crackdown on abortion clinics. I hope more doctors like him speak out and do what they can and the public expresses more outrage against a clear violation of civil rights and liberty’s.

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