Excerpted David Brooks Describes A True Civilization

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to agree with a higher percentage of physical content in a David Brooks article than today. With just a few minutes of editing, his words describe the conditions under which all of humanity could live and thrive in a state of cooperation and peace.

We live in a culture that finds it easier to assign moral status to victims of power than to those who wield power.

Then there is our fervent devotion to equality, to the notion that all people are equal.

Those “Question Authority” bumper stickers no longer symbolize an attempt to distinguish just and unjust authority. They symbolize an attitude of opposing authority.

The common assumption is that elites are always hiding something. Those people at the top are [not] smart or as wonderful [or] pure.

The World War II memorial is a nullity. It tells you nothing about the war or why American power was mobilized to fight it.

The Vietnam memorial is about tragedy.

You end up with movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Parties that try to dispense with authority altogether. They reject hierarchies and leaders because they don’t believe in the concepts. The whole world should be like the Internet — a disbursed semianarchy in which authority is suspect and each individual is king.

[It’s understood that] power is built on a series of paradoxes . . . Democratic followership is also built on a series of paradoxes

Vast majorities of Americans don’t trust their institutions.

Not bad, eh?

I recommend against reading the original (and yet I link to it. Yeah go read it, and understand he wrote it at the behest of power). It’s literally the worst, over the top, lick-spittle toadying I’ve ever read from an adult. Or a child for that matter, unless they’re talking about their favorite comic book characters.

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